torstai 1. maaliskuuta 2012

Nakuru waiting..


So.. We are still in Finland, but it's only 8 (!) days till our flight goes to Nairobi. Iiiks! We have already got all our vaccinations and bags are full of medicines (but let's hope we don't have to eat those very much). We have also got lot's of children's clothes from our friends (thank you all so much!!) to take to the children's home with us. 

Only thing we still need to do is to book some room for the first nights in Nakuru. And of course, pack our bags. But there's no hurry with those things yet.. We still have the next week time to take care of things we need to take care and get stressed about the packing :)

So, now we'll just concentrate enjoying the Finnish winter and the last weekend here before the trip (which will mostly go at work..).

But now this blog has been started and hopefully this shall be full of nice stories and pictures, when we'll get back home at the end of May (or beginning of June). 

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