tiistai 6. maaliskuuta 2012

4 days to go!

Now I'm gonna be a bit teen, but OMG!!!!!!

After four days, we're going to be in Nairobi. And compared to Finland, here's now -10 degrees and in Nairobi, there's gonna be something closer to +30 degrees! 

At this point it's also starting to get excited and I find butterflies from my stomach. It's awesome to go to Kenia, but at the same time, it's also propably gonna be tough experience, 'cause everyone else are in Finland.. 

Luckily there's three of us going, so don't have to be all alone. And, I got a fabulous survival package from dear Janice :) Although I don't know if I'll have use for all those strange and manly (headlight?) thing things.

We also booked yesterday a hotel for the first week, a triple room in a nice looking Chester hotel. Then we have some time to settle down and find the accommodation for the rest of the trip without no hurry.

But now to work! Only three days to go anymore. 

ps. I'm starting to remember the first 10 numbers in swahili! so not all in vein that swahili book I got from girls few weeks ago :)

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